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May 29th, 2014, 4:37 pm

Captain Ghost

Wanted: Cameos!

Hey all! A few scenes coming up are looking to be crowd-heavy.
Aaaaand I'm also looking for a few for something specific.
It's always more fun to draw actual characters instead of making em up, I think.
Interested? Read on!

* * * *

Opening this up to readers of any of my comics. (Well, preferably readers. It's not like I can confirm whether you are. /shrug)

I am looking for faces to fill in crowds, yes. BUT.
I am also looking for a few people to fill in a few specific panels.
These people will be A. Singing and/or B. Dancing!

There are three comics I'm looking to cameo folks in--

1. Ghost's Tale: A Crossover
This is the one requiring singers/dancers.
It's currently set in a Pokemon universe but anything relatively humanoid will do.
Please include Pokemon Partners if they have any~ (Which may or may not be included depending on composition, etc.)

2. Salt & Pepper: Leaf Green Nuzlocke
Mostly looking at crowd faces. Humans only (+ Pokemon partners if they got em~)

3. The Legend of Zelda: Maiden of the Moon
Again, crowd faces. In this case, mostly people who'd be up to joining in a rag tag army of sorts. But also townsfolk.
Any LoZ race welcome. Zoras and Gorons though, needs me some of thooose~

Now it should be noted that posting here doesn't automatically mean your character will be in the comics (sorry!) but, if I can fit 'em in, I definitely will!

So what do I need?

Simple! I need references, please!
Any extra info on top of that is welcome.
And if they are singing/dancing in GT, feel free to include a song they'd choose, and their demeanour in performing (lively, shy, rock star, etc.)

That is all! <333 Thanks!

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