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September 15th, 2010, 8:08 pm

Captain Ghost


Returning January 01, 2011.

I will post the remaining pages (three of em) of the chapter between then and now, but probably not much other than that.

Reason behind the hiatus is simple:
I don't like where the story's at.

Lately, I've been looking back at a lot of storyboards/stories-comics in general I've done and have found that I just... can't stand them. Reading the first few chapters of this comic makes me wanna gag; some of the pages just seem so... stupid/juvenile. I want to take a good look at the plot/story I have for this comic and really hash EVERYTHING out, make sure everything makes sense, etc.

I won't be restarting [in spite of not liking what I've got so far], but I want to try and be sure I don't make any of the same mistakes I've made so far, you know?

Additionally, I would like to build a buffer so that I can update 1-2 times a week starting January.

My apologies. Will see you then! [...well, a few times before then, too.

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